The Gazette de Penny

Whats hip, what's happening when is the next 'vide grenier' and more!

From 01 Décembre 2015 to 31 Décembre 2016

Hey thats us on TV oh la la!

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Picnic in the park this sunday June 28th

From 23 Juin 2015 to 30 Juin 2015

How about a pickup in a Maserati?? No problemo

From 04 Janvier 2015 to 09 Janvier 2016


Let the season begin

From 03 Janvier 2015 to 27 Septembre 2015

Contact us for upcoming dates in the surrounding area!

Yes sir/madame right away!

From 11 Février 2014 to 11 Février 2016

We know many of you like in alternate time zones and no one likes to wait during these high tech times.  See whats available and book in securely here.  If you need additional info, just contact us

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