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PetiteFolie ancienne1830, the house was built by the Ranguen’s familiy…

This Directoire style house was built around 1830-1840 by the Ranguen’s, an Industrial family who manufactured mattresses in Honfleur.  Initially in the St Catherine district and later on the other side of the harbour …

The house stayed in the same family until the early 1960s.

The small Moorish pavilion located in the garden was built in 1871 and served as a shelter above the beach. In the twentieth century, it was used as a music room.

In the early 1960s, the house was bought by a physiotherapist who wanted to settle in Honfleur. The house acted as his surgery until the year 2000.

La Petite Folie

La Petite Folie devient maison d’hôtes …

In 2003, Penny and Thierry Vincent bought the house and began to restore it to its original state. They started the B & B activity in 2006…

In 2018  Penny & Thierry decided to stop their activity. This delightful house was bought then by Heloise and Olivier Moncelet. 

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